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tv   KTVU News at 330pm  FOX  October 17, 2012 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> joe: brings in descalso. descalso is 0-2. popped up, flied to left. going to walk descalso. kozma. shane robinson is behind kozma after the double switch. >> tim: i think this is as much an intentional walk, obviously to get to kozma. set up a possible double play. then you have robinson hitting ninth. came in on the double switch. >> joe: nobody even throwing for giants out in their pen.
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until right now. >> tim: giants are four left-handed pitchers in the bullpen and it's been their strength throughout the post season. bullpen. >> joe: javier lopez, the left-hander is going to get loose. he just started throwing. now posey goes out. kozma coming up. kozma doesn't have a ton of hits this post season. the perception is he has been red hot. he is hitting only .172. but he has come up with big hits. including a three-run home run in game three of the division series in d.c. then a game winning rbi hit that scored two. in the ninth inning of game five. shortened up on the infield. runners at first and second. one out. after the intentional walk to descalso. first walk by cain.
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>> joe: strike one. >> tim: one thing you do as a right-handed hitter in a situation like this is eliminate the off-speed pitch. because pitchers don't like to get ground balls from off-speed pitches. so it will be a fast ball or a slider to kozma. >> joe: that one misses. down and away. >> tim: curveball to david freese. that is why david is on second base. >> joe: late swing. 92 miles per hour fastball.
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strike two. >> joe: that will get out of play. off to the right. cain has this hitter and at least one more with the right-handed batting robinson on deck. lefty lopez is getting ready for jon jay. who follows robinson. double by freese. walk, descalso. one out.
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2-2. >> joe: in to centerfield. a base hit. freese is held to third. on a strong throw to center by pagan. bases are loaded, one out. kozma with a base hit to center. that will bring righetti, the pitching coach out to talk to cain. >> tim: angel pagan not only has good arm as a centerfielder, perhaps the rest arm for any outfielder. on either side. but he charges the ball well.
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the third base coach looks how infielder charges the ball. that is part of the decision. whether to hold up the runner or not. that is why freese held. >> joe: freese does not run well. >> no. >> joe: he has had problem with his ankle and his feet. oquendo is one of the most aggressive third base coaches in the national league. held him. that is the respect for paga pagan. cain stays in the game. after another hit by kozma in a key spot. it's up to shane robinson. hit .263 in the regular season. does not have a post-season hit. >> tim: two outs on that play. david freese tries to score. but not with win.
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>> joe: strike one. >> joe: shane robinson got his most extensive taste of the big leagues this year. >> joe: young player in a key spot for st. louis. on the outside corner. strike two. >> it's coming down right now. hardest it's rained all day. right on the corner from cai cain. >> joe: a wide strike on robinson.
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the rookie outfielder waits for the 0-2. to the right side. play at first. a run scores. scutaro thought about coming home. freese flies across to make it 3-1. >> tim: the reason scutaro thought about coming home the ball wasn't hit hard enough for double play. marco's play is to first base. that is a dilemma for a pitcher. how do you entice the hitter in a double play situation to hit it hard enough to complete the double play? well, cain didn't. >> joe: that is the end of the night for matt cain with the rain pounding down here in st. louis. lopez coming in. shane coming up. cardinal lead by two in the seventh.
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>> joe: well, there you go. we have been waiting for weather to hit. the tarp is on the field. right as we went to break. crew chief gary darling said bring on the tarp. and with the rain coming down and severe weather in the area, we are in a rain delay. cardinals have added a run. lead by two. 3-1. bottom of the seventh inning. when we resume it will be second and third, and two out with jon jay coming up. lopez was brought in the game. javier lopez. a couple things. we talk about it early ebut worth bringing back. after the 2008 season, major league baseball made the change and it's official all the games will be played a full nine innings or however long it those take in extra
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innings. lightning in the distance. a good thing they are delaying this game. that is a change that seemed like something for the better of the game. >> tim: i think it was welcome by baseball. welcome by fans. no game should be shortened by rain due to the post season. cardinals had three right-fielders. two of three driven in home runs. matt carpenter and now shane robinson who replaced carpenter, as matt moved to first base. it's interesting that the two guys who didn't start, drove in three. those are the only run against matt cain. matt carpenter drove one out with a 2-2 count with two out in the third. in a rather understated handshake from the hitting coach mark mcgwire. so matt carpenter. that is what we said at the
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time. that's what we learned over the years in the post season. you have the usual suspects. usual guys. but it's so often times somebody you are not thinking about coming to the ballpark that end up becoming a star. >> tim: i'm sure as we mentioned it earlier, that is what matt carpenter was thinking. he gets up today. no way brandon belt is the starting right-fielder. he knew that. he is in the game in the second inning. boom. hits a two-run shot. >> joe: the word on beltran was something wrong with a knee. we don't have any more details about it. we will follow that as the night goes on and in to tomorrow. game four when lincecum is due to pitch against adam wainwright. that is for tomorrow. if you're giants you had the ace on the mound, turned in a good start, very good in matt cain. now he exits. out of the ballgame. can't be the winner. cardinals have a chance for more and they did it with lohse on the mound.
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doesn't have the demanding stuff but he had command in the game that matt carpenter did not have in game two start in san francisco. >> tim: that's right. lohse, the reason he is 16-3 on the season. the best winning percentage in cardinal history for pitchers with 15 starts minimum. here, there, little off. here, there. jam you with an 88-mile-per-hour fastball. i think both pitchers tonight pitched. that is what we thought they'd do at the beginning of the game. instead of throwing. >> joe: you're going baseball veteran on me. a little this, that. >> tim: i like that. >> joe: yeah. we are going to step aside. i think, thankfully. after the last minute. we will send it to the mlb studios. matt vasgersian and the guys will take it. get you back to st. louis when we start again.
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it's all yours. >> matt: thank you. with harold reynolds, eric karros, >> a.j.: >> a.j.: and a strange sorber i started with, we -- ajdabiya and mata.j.pierzynski. matt vasgersian. the young contributors for the st. louis cardinals. and if the game plays out and ends where it is now, cardinals take game three, they could talk about matt carpenter being the hero. 19 of 25 men on the cardinals' regular season roster were drafted and developed by the cardinals. a testament to what they do in st. louis. >> harold: it is. you build an organization from the ground up. john mozeliak has done a great job through the trades and everything else to get guys debuting as cardinals. i means a lot if they're going through this and coming up together with guys. hey, man, this is our thing to do. >> eric: a feel-good story and reflection on the organization. for me it's kyle lohse. that is the guy. he absolutely pitched out of trouble. all game long.
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kept the giants at bay. i think that is why they are where they are at. they got a great starting performance. >> a.j.: that is what the cardinals do. they win games no matter who they stick in there. beltran goes out, carpenter comes ins, robinson comes in. minor league guys or kyle lohse who i came up with. they stick guys in and figure out what the strengths and the weaknesses are. they are in great position to use the strength. >> matt: this is playing out the way so many games have in the post season. pitching and defense. walk you through what has happened so far. matt cain hinted he wouldn't shy away from throwing inside on game three. it wasn't a story. carlos beltran, this was a big story. ground ball. he would leave the game with an injured knee. >> harold: hard to tell. looking good. wait to hear what they have to say. >> matt: matt holliday's first at-bat. everybody is watching clos closely. punchs a ground ball to marco scutaro. funny how that works out. top of the third. runner aboard for scutaro. double down the right-field
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line. angel pagan advances to third. and they're in business early on. pablo sandoval is next. ground ball, that will make it 1-nothing giants. >> eric: that is good to move the runner to third base. look like we had a chance here and hunter pence. this wasn't the only time. a double play with runners -- >> harold: did you see how kozma attacks the ground ball? he came in so hard, they would turn it over. >> matt: this is beltran's replacement. matt carpenter, a two-run home run, first of the year, post season career for matt carpenter. cardinals take 2-1 lead. >> harold: danger of throwing a cutter. >> matt: runners at second and third for pagan. fly ball for jon jay. lohse is in and out of trouble. eric? >> eric: lohse again got if trouble. stayed away. giants left 11 runners on today. 0 for 7 with the runners in scoring position. >> matt: panda laying out in the fifth. >> a.j.: pitcher is hitting. that doesn't count. [ laughter ] >> matt: that laying out or falling down? >> a.j.: laying out. >> matt: all right.
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all right. top of the sixth. two gone. lohse is gone after 108 pitches. ketrevor rosenthal. face pagan. 2-1 rippers. mike shannon might say now. bottom of the sixth. cain cruising. matt holliday. first strike-out of the game for cain. it came in sixth. back to back, as he punchs out allen craig as well. top of the seventh, with one down. what is more surprising here? the ball is not caught or not a double? >> eric: for me it's not a double. he doesn't have the swiftest of feet. got to get them second. >> matt: i think matt holliday played it well. doesn't get by him. held him to a single. >> eric: buster posey gets a hit that would have scored him or put him on third. that is the game. >> matt: instead still a 2-1 ballgame. mitchell boggs comes out in relief. pence is scuffling in the season. >> harold: done a great job of attacking him. put pressure on him. a wide zone and strike and a
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call. >> matt: this will take us to the delay. pete kozma with a single. he delivered in this opportunity. >> harold: kozma is doing it. >> matt: shane robinson with a ground ball to second. scutaro goes the short way. the run across the plate. that's where the game stands as we speak. they are in a rain delay at busch. 3-1 lead for home standing cardinals. when the cardinals get to a game three at home tied one apiece in a seven-game series, they are 7-0. what about the resumption of your this game? check in at the fox weather center. storm surge der is that what we call rick? >> storm scout. >> rick dickert. what is going on in st. louis? how long is the delay? >> here it is. this cold front, the classic midwestern cold front pushing through st. louis right now. we have an hour to hour and 15 minutes of this rain.
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there are some embedded thunderstorms. some could be severe. st. louis is under severe thunderstorm watch until 6:15 central time. that means large hail. damaging winds. even some isolated tornadoes. we have an hour, hour and 15 minutes. as you can see on the radar here, we can see a clear spot. that will push in over the area. right now the temperature is 64-degrees. humidity is 80. winds at southwest at 14. gusting to 20 miles per hour. we will see the temperatures really drop behind that cold front. colder air moving in. by the time the game resumes we will see the temperatures in the lower 50s with breezy conditions. >> matt: so we're understanding once the rain goes away they'll get it to go away forever? >> there is a chance of isolated thunderstorms behind the front. but this is a main line. behind it, there is still action here. but i think that they will be able to get in the last few innings. >> matt: storm scout rick dickert from the fox weather center. thank you.
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keep the meteorological tools coming to a.j. pierzynski. >> a.j.: i use it all year. only rained out one game this year. because of my weather forecasting. >> matt: we'll keep you updated on when the game will get underway once again. again, they are in a rain delay in st. louis. cardinals leading 3-1 game three of the nlcs is in a rain delay. we'll get you back out there for reports. we'll get you back out there when the game resumes. certainly when the weather clears. for now, we send it to your local programming and we'll be back with weather updates right here throughout the night. hackable -- everybody nurchgd. >flunked. >> anderson: really? >> yeah, anderson cooper, we changed the o to a zero. hackers will take the l and make it 1. >> anderson: and you go to the one with zero in it and that brings you what?
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[ cheers and applause ] >> anderson: we have the boozed pizza. after all the bacteria, though, i think i'm done. >> yeah, you're right. >> anderson: the pizza actually tastes good. i'm not a big alcohol person though. your book, "girl walks into a bar," i really enjoyed this. >> great! >> anderson: you have so many funny stories, even about your child. it was sort of a surprise. >> i had a surprise baby. well, whatever. i mean, i was in my mid 40s when i had him, so i thought i was over the hill for all that. surprise, ladies, you may not be. >> anderson: we've given a the test to the people in the audience. >> one of you is pregnant! so i have a 2-year-old son now and it's all about this surprise element. >> anderson: it completely changes your life. >> totally, but it's been so
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awesome. >> anderson: we have a question on facebook. have you had a comedy scene where you play your cello. you play the cello? >> i do. >> anderson: the vision of you hauling around a cello is a comedy in itself. >> you play it, too. >> anderson: i played it in school. i didn't want to pick an instrument where i had to practice. so i thought i would pick a big one that i didn't own at i wouldn't have to lug it home. i was very calculated. >> it's funny to see. >> anderson: every now and then you play. >> i do this bid where i play led zepplin on the cello. i kind of overused it. i don't play black. i wish i did. >> anderson: do you have a favorite skit? >> everyone knows the debbie downer, but i think my favorite was the hot tub with will
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ferrell. the professor's club. we'd eat roast meat. >> anderson: that was so brilliant and so disgusting. >> i would crack up because will would make these little sounds under his breath. that was a lot of fun. >> anderson: rachel, thank you so much. >> thank you! >> anderson: rachel's book is out, "girl walks into a bar," a comedy calamity, dating, disaster and a mid life miracle. thanks for watching. see you tomorrow. bye-bye. ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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. >> local news from over night. watch ktvu channel news everyday starting at 4:30:00 a.m. complete bay area news coverage.
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